Decking balustrades

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A balustrade is a great way to turn a dull deck or tired terrace into an attractive setting for relaxation and entertaining, helping you make the most of your outside space. Your little ones will also be able to play in a safe, enclosed environment.

All Richard Burbidge balustrades meet or exceed British standards for domestic ground level installation, and some are also suitable for use on a raised level in homes as well as businesses. 

The outdoor balustrade collections are similar to the indoor styles and include a wide variety of designs, from modern metal and glass to traditional turned timber. The ranges include Classic, Traditional and Contemporary.

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Classic outdoor balustrades

  The Classic collection of exterior balustrades consists of sturdy softwood handrails, baserails and newel posts combined with a choice of either wooden or metal spindles, or glass panels. They are intended for ground level use only.  
  Classic Square and American spindles  

Wooden spindle system

Timber balusters are available in two styles: Square and American. Designed for simplicity and strength, the Square style banisters offer timeless appeal and will suit any type of garden.

The popular American balustrade system consists of sturdy handrails, newel posts and striking side-fixed spindles which look different from each side of the railings.

Both styles are straightforward to install using a balustrade bolt or fixing strap.


Metal spindle system

Metal balusters come in the Victorian and Abbey styles. Twinned with wooden handrails and newels, they will give your terrace or deck an individual twist but still look good whether you live in a period or modern property. Abbey spindles arc gently, while the Victorian ones have a more pronounced curve.

The distinctive design of the Classic metal balustrade will provide a beautiful feature for your home all year round. Both the Abbey and Victorian spindles are manufactured from  aluminium and finished in a black powder-coating, making them durable yet lightweight. 

  Classic Abbey and Victorian metal spindles  
  Classic glass panel balustrade  

Glass panel system

Clear glass panels are a stylish way to allow uninterrupted views of the garden while still providing a structured space for outdoor dining, play or relaxation. When combined with timber rails and newel posts, they offer a pleasantly contemporary touch that will stand the test of time. 

Made from 8mm thick toughened glass, the panels don't require fixing brackets but are held discreetly in place at the top and bottom by specially cut slots in the timber handrail and baserail. Two carrying rails plus a flat capping rail on top ensure that the balustrade is as strong as it is decorative. You can use these panels on decks situated up to 600mm above ground level.


Traditional outdoor balustrades

  The Traditional balustrade range is extremely versatile - with six different styles on offer, you'll be spoilt for choice. To create a unique look, why not mix and match between two or three of the wood, metal and glass options. Please note that all the outdoor railings except the glass panel system are suitable for ground level use only.  

Wooden spindle system

Timber balusters in the Traditional range are available in three styles: Colonial, which features classically shaped and turned spindles; Square, offering strong, clean lines; and Stop Chamfered, which has bevelled edges for a sleek and extremely popular look that won't readily go out of date.

All three spindle types measure 900mm x 41mm x 41mm. The Square baluster is also available in a width of 32mm. 

  Traditional wooden balustrades  
  Cross hatch and sunburst balustrade panels  

Timber panel system

Wooden balustrade panels are not only decorative, but also perfect for adding privacy to your seating area.

They are available in two attractive styles. The Cross Hatch L design features a simple geometric pattern, while the Sunburst panel is fan-shaped to echo rays of sunlight.

These panels are compatible with the Traditional handrail and baserail, the Colonial newel and the Patrice newel. Both designs measure 1130mm x 760mm x 35mm.


Metal spindles and panel system

Perfect for both contemporary and traditional gardens, combining metal spindles with either wooden or metal panels will create a striking balustrade to enhance any outdoor space. 

The metal components have an attractive bronze hammered paint finish, giving a pleasant textured feel. Just choose from straight or twisted metal balusters and add timber panels, Classic metal panels or a blend of the two for your preferred individual look. You can even add wooden spindles to the mix, such is the versatility of this balustrade system.

  Wood and metal balustrade panels  
  Traditional glass panel balustrade system  

Glass panel system

Installing glass panels around your deck will provide all the security you and your family need without blocking out the view of the garden. 

The Traditional glass panel system is designed for balustrades installed both on the ground and raised up to 600mm above ground level.

Easily fitted thanks to dedicated twist brackets, the panels will add a touch of glamour and make a striking feature in any garden. 


Contemporary outdoor balustrades

  The Contemporary collection offers a refreshingly modern take on traditional garden decking banisters. Suitable for both ground and raised level installation, the range is available in three styles: Contemporary glass panel, Contemporary round spindle and Fusion glass panel.  

Contemporary wooden spindle system

With its simple, stripped-down design, the Contemporary round balustrade will suit any type of property, from a new-build to a period farmhouse.

The balusters, newel posts and rails are rounded, creating a smooth, sleek look. In contrast, the handrails are flat on top so that you can lean on them to admire the garden - or perhaps use them as a handy place to pop down your wine glass or coffee cup. Curved metal brackets add an attractive modern twist and make the system easy to install.

  Contemporary timber balustrade  
  Contemporary round spindle balustrade  

Contemporary glass panel system

Made with tough 8mm thick glazing, the glass panel style mixes modern minimalist design with traditional materials to produce an attractive yet secure enclosure for your terrace or raised deck. 

Strong timber newels and baserails provide style as well as substance, while the clear sheets of glass allow uninterrupted views of your surroundings.


Fusion glass panel system

Anyone who has ever coveted the luxurious look of an architect-designed garden feature will love the cutting-edge contemporary Fusion range. It’s a unique, innovative system that brings together an interesting blend of materials and designs to form a stunning aluminium and timber balustrade.

Available in two specifications to suit both homes and businesses, the Fusion design can be installed above ground level so is ideal for creating a striking balcony, too.    

  Fusion outdoor balustrade  

How to maintain your decking balustrade     


Whichever outside balustrade you have chosen, you need to look after it properly to keep it looking good. Softwood timber decking is made from pine, a light-coloured softwood widely used in construction work. It is quite normal for small cracks to appear as the wood begins to weather. This is due to natural variation in the air's moisture content and the effects of becoming wet then dry. These surface blemishes won't affect the deck’s structure.

  Deck cleaning products  

It's a good idea to apply decking cleaner after installation, to brighten up the timber and remove any dirt and grease left during the construction process.

You should then brush on some specialised deck treatment to protect the timber. This could be either a transparent water repellent or semi-transparent woodstain.

Make sure the deck and balustrade are completely dry before applying the finish. You can check this by sprinkling a few drops of water on to the surface. If the timber won't absorb the water, let the wood dry out for a few more days and test again before application.


All the timber that makes up Richard Burbidge softwood outdoor balustrades has been pressure-treated with Osmose Naturewood preservative to make sure it lasts for many years. The wood starts off with a greenish tinge that will weather to a honey-brown colour before eventually fading to a silvery grey. You can paint or stain the timber to match your outdoor colour scheme if you wish.

If you have to cut any pieces of timber while assembling the balustrade, apply an end-coat preservative afterwards to any exposed surfaces for long-term protection.


When it comes to cleaning non-timber balustrade components such as glass panels and aluminium posts and rails, we recommend using lukewarm water and a mild detergent. This should be carried out carefully, using a sponge or soft cloth.

Do not try to polish metal or glass items or rub them with abrasive scourers and cleaners, as these may cause damage and scratch the surface coatings beyond repair. A regular light clean is more effective and kinder to the balustrade than an occasional concentrated onslaught.

  Soap and water  
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