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Richard Burbidge have been working with timber for more than 140 years, and in that time they have created an array of stunning banisters. Their range of stair balustrades will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any style of home, whether traditional or contemporary.


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Easy to install

The banisters are specially designed for quick and easy assembly, and can usually be installed in a day or two by competent DIY enthusiasts.

In most cases the timber components have been pre-finished, meaning that there is no need to varnish or put in any hard work on your side, as it has all been done for you. However, you are free to paint or stain them to match your colour scheme if desired.

The Elements range of banisters even comes with pre-drilled handrails and baserails to ensure that you always have the correct spacing for the spindles. This means you won't have to worry about falling foul of UK building regulations, which require that no gaps on a staircase should be wide enough to allow a 100mm sphere to pass through. 

Elements balustrade


Fusion stair balustrade

High quality

When the Fusion range of banisters was first released it was voted DIY product of the year. This highlights the high quality of Richard Burbidge stair parts.

Contemporary Immix balustrades are also available, offering minimalist chic with the option of glass or timber infill.

The premium finish of all stair handrails, newels, balusters and baserails is down to the type of materials used, which range from elegant white oak to ultra-modern gun metal finish connectors. This enables Richard Burbidge to produce stair balustrades with beautifully crafted handrails and newel posts, such as those featured in the Heritage and Classic collections.


Wide choice

Most Richard Burbidge staircase banisters are available with a choice of handrail system: either post-to-post or over-the-post.

Post-to-post banisters have their handrail fitted in between the inside faces of the newel posts. Over-the-post designs, on the other hand, provide a continuous handrail that sweeps down in an unbroken run to the end of the staircase, ending in a volute (a curly section).

With a huge selection of spindles, newels and newel caps to choose from, Richard Burbidge is able to produce staircases which will fit into any home, be it a country mansion or a modern townhouse.

The Trademark range is particularly versatile, offering a huge choice of designs and materials including wooden, pre-primed and metal spindle options. The Fusion, Elements and Immix collections are also available with glass panel infill options for a dash of contemporary glamour.

Classic balustrade


Richard Burbidge stair banisters provide an eye-catching focal point for any style of home, so there will always be a balustrade that can match your imagination. Take a look at the wide selection of stair parts available to buy from our online store.