Many people steer clear of glass in their homes, due to its reputation for being a safety hazard and a faff to take care of. 

But this isn’t true. 

Glass panels on staircases are a chic way of forming the illusion of a much larger space, as well as creating a minimalistic design. Most importantly, glass panels are relatively simple to maintain. 

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Wonkee Donkee is ‘How do I look after my new staircase parts’?

And we’re here to help.

If you’re investing in a new glass panel, it’s only natural you want to do what you can to make it last as long as possible. 

Follow this guide for tips and tricks on how to keep your glass panels looking as good as new year in, year out. 


Are cleaning products important?

The first thing to think about with glass panels on your staircase is appropriate cleaning products. 

Choosing a cleaner aimed at glass will limit scratches and streaks appearing on your glass panels. 

By using a microfibre cloth, you can guarantee a high shine finish.

If the glass panels are being used in a commercial setting, make sure those in charge of cleaning are stocked with the correct products and tools to maintain the staircase to the highest standards. 

Extra tools you can invest in for your glass panels include window vacuums and squeegees. These will further prevent streaks and ensure a spotless clean every time. 


What to avoid 

Avoid cleaning your glass panels in direct and bright sunlight. This will make your cleaning product dry much quicker and lead to streaks. 

Did you know? Dust can actually scratch the surface of the glass and make it more susceptible to damage in the future.

Although it’s tempting, try to resist giving your glass panels a once over with your favourite duster. Any dust collected from other areas in the house can be transferred onto the glass, creating surface scratches - this can lead to future damage and disturb the general appearance of the panel. 


How often do they need replacing?

Like all staircase parts, you should look into replacing glass panels when they show signs of ageing and damage. 

If your glass panels have chips and cracked beyond repair, it’s worth investing in a new panel. 

This isn’t just for aesthetic purposes. If you knock into a cracked glass panel, it could smash onto the floor, creating a major safety hazard. Aside from being dangerous in domestic settings, it could potentially cause legal concern if something happens in a more commercial area.

If a glass panel breaks in a shop, school, airport, etc, it’s vital you get it replaced as soon as possible. This reduces the risk of accidents and any damage to the rest of the staircase. 

If you have glass panels as part of your staircase, make sure you keep an eye on their appearance, especially if you have young children or pets who knock into or climb on the staircase.

By doing this, you can catch early signs of breakage and damage. Any concerns you have about the safety of your glass panels can be answered by one of our experts. Just get in touch with us today and our team will give you the help and advice you need. 


Get your glass panels from Wonkee Donkee today

The glass panels we stock here at Wonkee Donkee are made from only the highest quality fusion glass, that guarantees a long-lasting and tough finish. 

Our range is suitable for both staircases and landing areas (specified on the individual product page).

All glass panels you purchase come with polished edges to make them safe to use. This also limits breakages and any danger to passersby, as there are no sharp edges to catch yourself on. 

Our cost-effective prices, combined with our high-quality products, have earned us the top spot in the world of staircase parts. Get yours today online, or call us on 01938 557733 to chat through your options with one of our experts. 


Day to day maintenance. 

It’s all well and good saying to keep on top of cleaning and treating your glass panels, but with things like jobs, kids and holidays in the way, it’s hard to maintain. 

Here are some tips on how to manage your glass panels. 

  • Be careful when walking up, down or around your staircase
    • Make sure you don’t drag your bag, shoes or even your vacuum cleaner against the glass panel. 
    • Being mindful of the area around you limits the risk of scratches and chips appearing in your glass panel. 

  • Clean when you can 
    • Use a damp cloth to make sure you don’t drag any dust across the surface. 
    • Keeping dust away from your glass panels when possible keeps them looking as good as new, even when in areas of heavy foot traffic. 


Get in touch with Wonkee Donkee today

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Our team of experts are always on hand and happy to answer any of your stair related questions. Simply type them up in an email and send them over to, and expect a speedy reply from us. 

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