One of the most difficult aspects of decorating any space – whether with plaster, paint, or another medium – is achieving a clean and neat edge to the surface where it meets the ceiling or floor, or joins an adjacent wall.  It is common for decorative mouldings to be used to disguise such joints, and we have a vast range of types and styles available.  Aside from hiding imperfections in the decor, mouldings can also be used to weatherproof joints in external walls, or as a purely aesthetic feature to visually break up large flat areas of a single colour or texture.

Mouldings can be especially useful around staircases, where multiple components meet at various angles and levels.  Stair part mouldings form a large part of our inventory here at WD Richard Burbidge, as we try to ensure each component is available in a full range of styles and colours.

Decorative stair mouldings are a fine way to compliment your bespoke staircase and blend it in with the style of your home.  Whether your decor is ornate or minimalist, traditional or modern, these stair mouldings parts will compliment your home’s other features and bring a sense of harmony to the dwelling.  Each stair moulding range contains some or all of the following: coving, skirting, architrave, dado rails, picture rails, scotias and trims.

Decorative Wooden Mouldings

Mouldings are available in plaster, plastic, stone, MDF, and even aluminium.  But the most desirable modern ranges are mostly produced in solid wood.  Decorative timber mouldings now adorn many new-build premium homes, and are available to all as retro-fit decor moulding kits.  Our favourites include our range of oak decorative mouldings which make the perfect complement to any English country home!

As always, feel free to contact us or take advantage of our knowledge base at the bottom of the page for more information.

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