Pine Board And Louvre Doors

Whether you’re looking for interior partitions or some new cupboard doors, we have a wide range of pine board and louvre doors can be a great choice. This style consists of horizontal slats that are able to admit light and air through the angled slats but keep out rain and direct sunlight. The slats themselves may be adjustable or fixed. For example, with windows, they tend to be adjustable, whilst for doors, they are likely to be fixed.

Due to their use of angled slat, they are able to create the illusion of a larger and more airy space, allowing for better ventilation. They are also suitable for use on wardrobes, helping to avoid damp and condensation getting through to your clothes. Cupboards and items are able to get aired constantly as heat is able to pass through easily.

When opened, there is the option to make louvre doors so that they fold in on themselves, saving space and looking neat and tidy. When used for storage space, it can also help you to see your items as more light is let in. When used as window shutters, they provide a unique and pretty style to any space.

Here at WD Richard Burbidge, we have an extensive range of sizes in timber pine board, measuring at 18mm thick. This means they are ideal for making new shelving units, with the pine wood also strengthened and laminated to create a sleek and strong outcome. Pine wood changes with time into a warm settled patina, creating a warm and homely natural feel. It’s also possible to varnish and paint your pine boards to suit the space. 

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  1. Masons Timber Pine Louvre Door 28x915x610mm
    £26.77 Excl. VAT £32.12 Incl. VAT

    28mm x 915mm x 610mm (Size in inches: 36 inches x 24 inches)

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