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Diagram showing where to cut the plain newel post

If you have plain square cross-section newel posts, these will need to be cut at the height depending on the system you are using. This information can be found either with your stair parts or on the Wonkee Donkee Instructional pages for your chosen stairs.


Measure and mark this height on the newel post and using a square, continue the mark around the post as a guide when sawing.


Using a fine toothed handsaw, cut the newel accordingly, keeping the cut clean and square.


You may have a half newel post located on the landing against a wall. This should be carefully removed and replaced with a new half newel base cut to the required height. The new newel base will have a pre-cut hole at the top to accommodate the new half newel post


Important - The bottom stair newel base height will differ from the top stair newel base height, which may differ again with the landing newel base height. This is because they are measured from different points and due to the stair pitch or angle.





Image of bare staircase with Wonkee Donkee saying "That's all folks! From now on, follow the instructions for the type and style of your new stair parts."