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Richard Burbidge Spindles Richard Burbidge Spindles


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Created by one of the leading stair designers in the UK, Richard Burbidge spindles, or balusters, can transform your staircase into a work of art. Richard Burbidge has been producing stair parts for over 145 years, by combining unique designs with expert craftsmanship. They are the top manufacturer and supplier of stair parts in the country, and their customer satisfaction proves that their products are both beautiful and durable.

As a registered Richard Burbidge outlet, Wonkee Donkee offers a wide range of their products for purchase and delivery to your doorstep.

Richard Burbidge spindles can enhance the look of your staircase whether it be in your home, garden or office. Stair spindles are crafted shafts which support the handrail on a staircase. Although they are designed for support purposes, there is no need to sacrifice style when it comes to your spindles. With a variety of ranges to choose from, including the Fusion, Immix, Elements, and Heritage collections, we can offer both classic and modern styles. Whether you prefer a traditional look or an edgy, ultra-modern design, Richard Burbidge has a spindle for everyone.

The spindles are available in a choice of materials including metal, oak, pine, or hemlock, to name a few. If you can't decide, there is no need to stick to just one look, as all of our spindles are available to mix and match.


Using more than one spindle design can create a stunning visual effect within your home. We can provide many ideas as to which combinations work best. For example, mixing Charleston and Edisto spindles may seem like an odd idea, but when put together, the two designs complement each other perfectly. With our help, you can use Richard Burbidge spindles to create a unique yet stylish staircase which suits your individual taste.


You can only purchase Richard Burbidge spindles from suppliers such as Wonkee Donkee, so visit our online store to see the wide range we have available.