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  Replacing the spindles, newels and handrail on your staircase using our wide range of Richard Burbidge stair parts is just one way in which you can instantly update your home. Instead of replacing the entire staircase, accessorising your existing stairs with elegant Richard Burbidge stair parts will transform and refresh your staircase, dramatically altering its visual effect.  

At Wonkee Donkee Richard Burbidge, we stock a number of different collections of Richard Burbidge stair parts, including the traditional Heritage collection and contemporary Fusion and Immix ranges. The vast selection we offer ensures that you will be able to find stair parts to perfectly complement your individual style and taste. Within these collections are Richard Burbidge stair parts ranging from spindles to handrails, available in a range of modern and traditional materials including glass and metals with chrome and brushed nickel finishes, and traditional timbers such as white oak.


Richard Burbidge Stair Parts


We also stock minimalist glass panelling, which can be combined with classic wooden or modern metal stair parts to maximise light distribution and create a truly modern living space. 


Richard Burbidge Stair Parts


Using Richard Burbidge stair parts from Wonkee Donkee, you will be able to create a stairway that is truly unique. Refurbishing your stairs with our quality spindles, handrails and newels will ensure that your staircase truly reflects your home's character. With Richard Burbidge stair parts, you can completely transform the ambience of your home, or simply further enhance its existing charm.

  Richard Burbidge handrails, spindles and newels can be used to personalise your stair case and will help to set it apart from the rest. Whether you are looking to create a classic and sophisticated focal point in your hallway or to embellish your staircase with sleek, modern metal parts, we will be able to supply you with the Richard Burbidge stair parts you need.  
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