Trademark Metal Spindles

One of the post popular ranges of stair parts, the Trademark Metal Spindles by Richard Burbidge offer a unique way to transform your stairs into nostalgic eloquence and simplicity with ease. Made from 12.7mm (1/2”) square mild steel box section and double protected with a durable, hard wearing, black hammered finish over a zinc phosphate coating, the spindles are available in a variety of styles that can be mixed and matched to achieve the desired effect for your stairs and landing. The metal stair spindles are held in place with matching brackets on un-slotted handrails and baserails and can be cut to length if required. Why not try out our designer tool to help you decide which combinations to use.

GUARANTEED 48 hour delivery

Order by 11.30am. Excludes weekends, bank holidays & Heritage Bespoke Range.

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6 Item(s)

  1. Richard Burbidge CB085B Trademark Metal Baluster Charleston 850mm
    £3.02 Excl. VAT £3.62 Incl. VAT

  2. Richard Burbidge BB085B Trademark Metal Baluster Beaufort 850mm
    £4.07 Excl. VAT £4.88 Incl. VAT

  3. Richard Burbidge SB085B Trademark Metal Baluster Savannah 850mm
    £5.04 Excl. VAT £6.05 Incl. VAT

  4. Richard Burbidge MB085B Trademark Metal Baluster Madison 850mm
    £4.41 Excl. VAT £5.29 Incl. VAT

  5. Richard Burbidge EB085B Trademark Metal Baluster Edisto 850mm
    £5.62 Excl. VAT £6.74 Incl. VAT

  6. Richard Burbidge BT085B Trademark Metal Baluster Boston 850mm
    £2.60 Excl. VAT £3.12 Incl. VAT

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6 Item(s)