Wall Mounted Handrails

Here at WD Richard Burbidge, we understand that even the most dearly loved and carefully decorated homes need rejuvenating every once in a while. One of the best ways to do this is by updating your staircase; it is usually the first part of the house someone sees when they arrive and will most likely be used by every family member and visitor you have. Our range of wall mounted handrails are an excellent way to achieve an elegant, smart-looking first impression to your home. 

We host a wide variety of stair handrails to be mounted on the wall. Our range of wooden handrails are a beautiful and classic way of decorating your staircase, available in different wood types to suit your style; whether you’re looking for a white oak or warm pine handrail, we have something suited to your personal preference. In order to secure a more heavy-duty handrail, our modern wall mounted handrails for stairs are securely fastened with wall brackets and matching handrail endcaps

Besides the colour of the handrail’s material, we also provide several options for the specific style of the handrail. This allows you to personalise and customise the appearance of the rail to perfectly fit your staircase. Choose from a taper handrail, turn handrail, round handrail and primed handrail, dependent on your individual needs. 

If you have any remaining questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. A member of our team here at WD Richard Burbidge will be happy to provide you with any information you may require in order to find the perfect wooden handrail.

GUARANTEED 48 hour delivery Order by 11.30am. Excludes weekends, bank holidays & Heritage Bespoke Range.

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11 Item(s)

  1. Richard Burbidge SWB Handrail Metal Wall Bracket - Silver effect
    £6.78 Excl. VAT £8.14 Incl. VAT

  2. Richard Burbidge BWB Handrail Metal Wall Bracket - Brass Effect
    £6.44 Excl. VAT £7.73 Incl. VAT

  3. Richard Burbidge BLWB Handrail Metal Wall Bracket - Black
    £8.09 Excl. VAT £9.71 Incl. VAT

  4. Richard Burbidge BXSWB Silver effect wall Brackets (Pack of 5)
    £19.47 Excl. VAT £23.36 Incl. VAT

    5 Pack of handrail brackets

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  5. Richard Burbidge RHR02BL Handrail Metal End Cap - Black 54mm
    £14.53 Excl. VAT £17.44 Incl. VAT

  6. Richard Burbidge RHR01M Handrail Metal End Cap - Brass 54mm
    £11.29 Excl. VAT £13.55 Incl. VAT

  7. Richard Burbidge RHR03S Handrail Metal End Cap - Silver effect Filigree 54mm
    £16.71 Excl. VAT £20.05 Incl. VAT

  8. Richard Burbidge RHR02M Handrail Metal End Cap - Brass 54mm
    £12.91 Excl. VAT £15.49 Incl. VAT

  9. Richard Burbidge RHR02S Handrail Metal End Cap - Silver effect 54mm
    £14.53 Excl. VAT £17.44 Incl. VAT

  10. Richard Burbidge GMCWB Handrail Contemporary Wall Bracket - Gun Metal
    £9.54 Excl. VAT £11.45 Incl. VAT

  11. Richard Burbidge RHR06GM Handrail End Cap - Contemporary Gun Metal 54mm
    £15.22 Excl. VAT £18.26 Incl. VAT

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11 Item(s)