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Stairs in many households are completely enclosed by walls on both sides, making a wall-mounted handrail the only viable way to provide safety and support for those using the stairway. In other cases, for instance in homes occupied by elderly or disabled people, an extra handrail fitted on the wall opposite the banister can be a practical aid to greater safety and confidence when going up and down the stairs.   

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  Fusion boxed oak handrail kit  

What's in the handrail kits?

Each boxed handrail kit by Richard Burbidge includes all the components you need to make up a straight run of 3.6m - great for adding to or replacing your staircase wall mounted handrail. 

These kits are also ideal for fitting into long hallways and landings in homes and hotels to provide a sturdy grab rail. They're extremely practical and will save you time and effort, with everything matching.

Included in the boxed handrail kits are three 1.2m lengths of handrail, four wall-mounted handrail brackets, two rail end caps and the appropriate screws, depending on the kit you choose. Please note that wall plugs are not supplied - this is because the type and size required may vary according to the construction of your own particular house walls.


Handrail styles

Available in different designs, finishes and timbers to go with your existing decor, these handrail kits are easy to fit.

There are two main types:

  • Fusion handrail (kits 01, 02, 03 and 04)

  • Boxed handrail (kits 05 and 08)

  Fusion handrail  
  Fusion handrail  

Fusion handrail kits

Richard Burbidge's Fusion boxed handrail kits match the Fusion domestic and commercial ranges and are manufactured in pine or white oak.

The handrail comes in three sections and has been pre-finished in a transparent varnish, saving you time and effort.

The stylish end caps and matching brackets are available in a choice of chrome or brushed nickel finishes, and are supplied with the necessary screws to fit all the components together.

For help and advice on installation, see: How to fit a boxed handrail kit.


Unfinished handrail kits

These quality boxed handrail kits are supplied unfinished, making them a more economical option than the Fusion range. To protect the timber from wear and tear, you will need to apply your choice of wood stain, paint, oil or varnish.

Available in white oak or pine, both types of handrail kit come with chrome effect end caps and fittings.

The three sections of rail will provide a run of up to 3.6m. You can cut the rails to length if required, or add extra sections of handrail and additional wall brackets to suit your requirements.

When planning the rail, space the brackets no more than 1m apart to ensure the handrail will have enough support.

  Pine handrail kit
  Handrail end caps  

If you want to give your handrail a more individual look, you can customise it with different end caps and brackets from the rest of the Richard Burbidge range.

Various styles of end cap are available including pine, silver effect filigree, petal design in either pewter or brass effect metal, silver effect octagonal, black metal, and electro-plated gun metal - all with matching brackets.

All these handrail components are compatible with each other, so you can be reassured that everything will fit together properly when you come to install the stair balustrade. 

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