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The versatile Elements stair parts collection can be anything you want it to be: contemporary, classic or somewhere in-between. Choose from modern glass panels or a range of turned and straight metal spindles to find the perfect stair balustrade for your home. If you wish, you can paint the wooden stair components as well as some types of spindle to suit your individual style. The range is suitable for use on staircases with a pitch of between 40° and 43°.

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Elements balustrade options 

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A modern reinvention of the classic staircase design, the Elements range is made up of attractive white oak handrails and baserails which can be installed together with newel posts and caps selected from the Richard Burbidge Classic and Trademark collections. This timber framework can then be combined with a choice of infill from the following options:

  • black metal spindles

  • glass panels

  • Fusion metal spindles   


Black metal spindles

Elements decorative metal spindles, also known as balusters, resemble wrought iron but are made of mild steel, which is lighter and less prone to rust.

The spindles have been galvanised - zinc-coated - to protect them from corrosion, and given a black powder coating for a decorative, durable finish that will not require any further treatment (unless you choose to change the colour).

Two different lengths of baluster are available: 805mm for installation on stairways (also known as rake spindles), and 855mm for use on landings.

  Elements double hybrid spindles  
  Elements spindles  

Metal spindle designs

Various spindle styles are available. You can choose from Single or Double Spiral, Plain, History, and Single or Double Hybrid.

However, you don't have to stick to just one design, but can mix and match to create an individual pattern if you prefer. Alternating a plain spindle with a spiral or hybrid one, for example, is a popular option.

The balusters can also be easily over-painted, using metal primer followed by two coats of metal paint in the colour of your choice. Spray paint will give the most even coverage. To avoid unnecessary mess, we recommend painting the spindles before installation.


Fitting metal spindles

Installing the spindles is straightforward as the handrails and baserails are both supplied with pre-drilled holes, ensuring that the spindles will be spaced the correct distance apart. This will save you time as well as providing peace of mind, knowing that your stair balustrade will definitely be compliant with current UK building regulations.

No further drilling is required - you simply need to apply a bead of adhesive to the bottom of each hole, then slot the balusters into place. In the case of spiral spindles, remember to twist them so that they are all facing in the same direction before the glue has a chance to set fast.

  Elements double spiral spindles  
  Elements glass balustrade  

Glass panels

Glazed panels are ideal for creating a feeling of extra space and light, and for giving a modern twist to a period home. When combined with a wooden framework they can look stunning, yet still retain the feel of a classic staircase.

The 200mm wide panels are made from 6mm toughened glass, offering plenty of side protection to users, and are fixed in place using contemporary metal twist brackets with a brushed nickel finish. 

The brackets are identical to those used in Richard Burbidge's Fusion Commercial stair parts range, but come with thicker rubber washers to compensate for the difference in glass density. The rails are supplied undrilled, as the bracket positions will vary according to the length of your staircase.


How many glass panels?

When calculating how many panels are needed, bear in mind UK building regulations, which state that a 100mm sphere must not be able to pass through any gap on a staircase. Measure the length and pitch of your stairs carefully to ensure you get the number of panels right - if you don't order enough, the gaps between them could be too great.

You might also like to try our Stair Balustrade Calculator. This is currently designed for use with the Fusion and Immix ranges, but will give you a good idea of the number of panels required. Measure your stairs first, including the pitch (it must be between 40° and 43° for the Elements range to fit), and follow the instructions for Fusion Glass Panel.

  Elements glass panel with bracket  
  Elements with Fusion  

Fusion metal spindles

Richard Burbidge have recently adapted their popular Fusion stair parts range to enable its premium Mk2 metal spindles to be used with the Elements collection. This lets you combine white oak framework with contemporary steel balusters for an ultra-modern look.

Available with a chrome or brushed nickel plated finish, the Fusion Mk2 spindles are made from stainless steel and fixed in place with cleverly designed zinc alloy brackets that can swivel to accommodate the pitch of the stairs. 


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