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Wonkee Donkee Richard Burbidge Staircase Parts


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Wonkee Donkee are proud to offer this exclusive range of finest quality stair parts from Richard Burbidge.  Our goal is to make the concept of stylish, bespoke staircases open to every householder.  Whatever your taste in decor, you will find everything you need to transform your stairs into a central feature of your home right here.

Staircase components which can be selected and matched to create your feature staircase include:

The Stair Handrail and Stair Spindles together form the Banister (also known as a Balustrade) which is the most visible part of your staircase.  Many homeowners never think to change their banister handrails when decorating, which is a shame because such a prominent feature of your home is bound to have a significant effect on the impression you create.

The other components which make up a stair railing are the Baserails and Stair Balusters, also known as Spindles.  Although they are small components, your choice of spindle design can make a big difference to the way your staircase will look.  Alternatively, some decorators may opt for Solid or Glass Staircase Panels instead of a balustrade.

The Newel Post is the main structural support at the bottom of the staircase to which the stair banister is attached.  Many stately homes feature highly ornate newel posts as a status symbol.  Tradition has it that upon completion of the house, the plans would be sealed inside the newel with the addition Newel Caps.  These too can be highly decorative, with flat, ball, sculpted, and pyramid newel caps available.

We stock components in variety of finishes and materials, with most of the above available as natural wood, painted, or white primed stair parts.   Our oak stair parts range is the hot ticket at the moment among discerning developers.

For more information about Richard Burbidge stair parts, contact Wonkee Donkee today.


Welcome to Wonkee Donkee Richard Burbidge Stair Parts

We are confident that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for to cater to your personal choice, style and needs amongst all of the staircase parts and collections here on our website.

Here at Wonkee Donkee, we understand that you naturally demand more from a staircase than functionality.  The stairs should and can become a beautiful feature for all to admire in your home or place of business.  A well-framed staircase looks welcoming, neat and makes a place look complete with balustrades and all of the beautifully crafted stair parts that go with it.  We have everything you need for a full choice in styles for your handrails, base rails, spindles and newel posts.

We have the traditional stair railing designs using carved ornate decorative wood of the highest quality, as well as metal spindles and railings.  We can also supply your home or business with a more modern look created with designs such as the Immix and Fusion collection, that uses glass panels for a cleaner open plan look. 

Our shop stock only Richard Burbidge products, because that way we can guarantee that only the best materials combined with excellent craftsmanship are sold by our company. 

We also provide Louvre doors, pine boards and outdoor decking, as well as a choice of decorative mouldings that transforms rooms into a work of art.  We can also supply Juliette balconies and porch canopies using the same high-quality materials from Richard Burbidge, that will also add appeal and value to your property.

We guarantee delivery of your goods within 48 hours of your order (excluding bank holidays, weekends and on all orders in the Heritage Bespoke range) and we offer competitive prices on all of our products.