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       Fusion oak stairs with glass panels      


  With its distinctive modern look and choice of clear glass panels or metal spindles, the popular Fusion range provides a quick and easy way to update your stairs or install new ones. The ingenious, ready-to-fit system enables you to quickly connect everything together, so in many cases you will be able to transform your stairway in just one weekend.    
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Advantages of Fusion stairs

  Fusion staircase  


The Fusion collection is a cutting-edge blend of wood, metal and glass that will give your staircase a whole new lease of life.

Innovative metal connectors attach the newels and rails, while sleekly designed brackets fix the spindles or glass panels to the rest of the stair balustrade.

The range offers a great way to update a traditional home with a contemporary twist, or add character to a modern property.

  All Richard Burbidge Fusion stair parts have been designed and tested to resist typical day-to-day loadings of up to 0.36kN/m (domestic range) and 0.74kN/m (commercial range), in line with UK building regulations.  

Easy to fit

Fusion is suitable for both trade and DIY installations, and makes a good choice for anyone looking to convert their existing staircase. Instead of the expense and disruption of installing a whole new set of stairs, you can just change the balustrading for a whole new look. Its modern style is ideal for new-build homes too.

In most cases you won't need to make any modifications to the stair components apart from cutting the newels, handrail and baserail to length. Even this part is straightforward - you will only need to make about seven saw cuts when fitting a typical straight Fusion balustrade, whereas conventional staircase banisters may require more than 100. And it won't matter if the cuts aren't completely accurate, as the sawn-off ends will be concealed by the handrail connector.      

You won't even have to paint or stain anything. The hard work has already been done for you, with all timber components supplied pre-finished in transparent varnish.

  Fusion connector  
  Fusion stairs metal spindles  


Suitable for installation on both closed and cut string staircases, the Fusion collection is extremely versatile. It will fit domestic stairs with a pitch of between 38° and 45°, and commercial staircases with a pitch of 33° to 42°.

The timber stairparts are available in a choice of pine or white oak, while the banister rails can be made up of either glass panels or metal spindles (also known as balusters).

The handrails, baserails and newels are fixed together using metal connecting brackets, which allow you to create a variety of configurations to ensure the resulting balustrade will fit your staircase and landing. Versions are available for both domestic and commercial use.


Fusion with glass balustrade


Glass panels are excellent for maximising the sense of space in a room, making it feel bigger, lighter and brighter.

The panels add a touch of contemporary glamour yet are practical too, giving you a vital safety barrier on the stairs that won't dominate a small hallway.  

Fusion glass balustrades are also ideal for homes with an open-plan design. If the stairs rise from your living room, for example, the transparent panels will provide security without being overly intrusive or blocking out precious light. 

The panels are easily attached with metal brackets - choose between a chrome or brushed nickel plated finish.

  Fusion glass balustrade  

Fusion with metal spindles 

  Fusion metal spindles  

Two types of metal spindle, or baluster, are available within the Fusion collection:

  • MK1 spindles, the most cost-effective choice, comprise plated mild steel tubes which are connected to the baserail and handrail with strong but flexible plated brackets made of ABS plastic. These are able to bend sufficiently to follow the pitch of the stairs.

  • MK2 spindles are the premium option, and recommended if your budget allows it. Manufactured from stainless steel tube, they include the Richard Burbidge logo and zinc alloy brackets that are able to swivel to accommodate the angle of the staircase.

    • Both MK1 and MK2 balusters are supplied with an attractive chrome or brushed nickel plated finish.

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