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Perfect for townhouses and apartments, the versatile Juliette (also known as Juliet) balcony system offers contemporary style and sophistication. Its flexible design makes it easy to install, without the additional expense and long lead times associated with made-to-measure balconies. The range takes its inspiration from the popular Fusion outdoor balustrade collection and is suitable for both home and commercial use.


Advantages of a Juliette balcony kit

  Juliette balcony with single metal handrail  


Ideal for both new-build properties and renovations, the Juliette system is made up of a combination of timber, glass and metal.

There is the option of using either one or two handrails along the top, as well as different sized glass panels for maximum versatility. 

For a mix of classic and modern styles you might want to combine a timber handrail with an aluminium one, or if you prefer a contemporary look you can use aluminium for both handrails.

Alternatively, you may choose to leave out the second handrail altogether and go for a more minimalist style (pictured)


Strong and safe

There is no need to compromise on good looks for the sake of safety. Juliette balconies offer the perfect blend of good looks and protection. Fully compliant with UK building regulations, they have been tested by FIRA (The Furniture Industry Research Association) to withstand loadings of 0.74kN/m.  

The handrails are manufactured from sapele, a lustrous hardwood similar in appearance to mahogany. The rails, brackets and end caps are made from powder-coated aluminium, making them strong yet lightweight. 

Finally, the toughened 8mm thick safety glass used in construction of the panels ensures peace of mind. 

  Juliette balconies  
  Juliette balcony with wooden and metal handrails  

Easy to fit

Juliette balconies come as a complete kit, and are simple to put together and install. For best results, carry out the assembly process at ground level then lift the balcony up and fix it into position with the specially designed metal brackets. This straightforward method will save you time as well as money.

The glass panels are available in two widths (800mm and 350mm) and two heights (850mm and 970mm).

For maximum flexibility it is possible to vary the distance between the panels - to a certain extent - to suit the size of the doorway. You can also use a combination of wide and narrow panels for an optimum fit. 



The balconies are intended for use on standard openings between 600mm and 2010mm wide. However, it is possible to achieve a minimum opening of just 250mm using a single small glass panel.

If the opening is an awkward size we recommend using the next width of balcony up and allowing the railings and panels to project further beyond each side of the doorway. The panels can be spaced out to achieve the following standard widths: 970mm to 1110mm, 1500mm to 1570mm and 1870mm to 2010mm.

The very smallest opening that can be accommodated is 600mm, which requires two narrow glass panels placed as close as possible together (20mm apart). The widest possible combination amounts to 2010mm. This consists of two oversized and one small panel placed at the maximum recommended distance apart (90mm).

  Juliette balcony widths  

Looking after your Juliette balcony

  Juliette balcony components  

Juliette balcony systems require very little maintenance. The glass panels and powder-coated aluminium fittings will not need any extra protective treatment and are easy to clean using a lukewarm water, a sponge or soft cloth, and mild detergent.

Do not try to buff up any of these components or use abrasive cleaning agents, as you could damage the surface.

As for the wooden handrail, we recommend applying either exterior grade varnish, transparent water repellant or semi-clear woodstain before installation. Recoat at regular intervals to ensure adequate protection against the elements.    


Images © Richard Burbidge Ltd 2015 used with permission

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