Fusion Commercial

Here at WD Richard Burbidge, we are pleased to supply staircase parts from Fusion Commercial. We offer the metal balustrade system, along with other parts for staircases, including railings, connectors, brackets, glass panels and more. These unique elements will provide you with a staircase that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Catering to environments such as hotels, guest houses, pubs, clubs and restaurants, Fusion Commercial products will not only ensure high quality presentation for your customers, but also makes sure to meet all the current safety standards so that the security of those using the staircase is upheld.

The Fusion Commercial metal balustrade system is simply a railing that is supported by balusters, which are decorative pillars that are especially ornamental in design and form part of a series that supports the railing. They are perfect for new builds as well as refurbishment projects, including both closed string and cut string staircases. They are normally made with brackets that feature a brushed nickel finish over a zinc alloy, with any adjustments usually possible depending on the staircase design.

These staircase parts are fit for use with concrete, timber, and metal stairs that have pitches between 33° to 42° and handrail heights of 900mm and 1100mm between the top of the rail and the landing. There is the option for a spindle infill of toughened 8mm glass and metal, along with pre-finished white oak handrails, newels, base rails and newel bases. These are designed to save you time with the installation onsite. 

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