How To Modernise Your Staircase

Though you may not realise it, a staircase plays an important part in your home. 

Being such a key feature, many homeowners choose to match the colour scheme of their staircase to their existing interior, while others choose contrasting tones and patterns to make a statement. 

However, due to the size, it can be difficult to update a staircase to keep in theme with the rest of the house when your style preferences change. 

Today, we’ll be running through our top tips on how to modernise your staircase quickly and easily.


Mix materials 

When re-designing your staircase, it’s important to find the right balance between functionality and style. 

Incorporating a variety of materials into your staircase will give it a modern edge, while still including the necessary staircase parts to construct a safe and functioning flight of stairs. 

For example, if you currently have wooden spindles, switching them out for a metal design will create contrast and interest. 

Or, if you find your staircase blocks out valuable light, installing glass panels can create the illusion of a much larger space. 


Add a splash of colour 

If an injection of colour is what your staircase needs, wooden staircases can easily be painted in any colour of your choice. 

We advise you to sand down any old gloss and paint prior to painting to create a smooth and long-lasting finish. 

For a unique look, paint the risers and balustrades a colour that juxtaposes the neutral tones of the steps and handrail.


Utilise carpet

If you currently have a carpet runner going up the centre of your staircase, a great way to alter the design is by simply swapping out the old for new. 

Opt for a change in colour or pattern for a new and exciting addition to your staircase.

When it comes to carpets on staircases, the most traditional approach is to match it to the surrounding flooring choice. However, if you want to modernise your flight, you could opt for a different colour or pattern. 

A contrasting tone adds interest, while a monochromatic colour scheme creates a harmonious feel throughout the home. 


Enhance the natural timber 

Modernising a part of your home doesn’t always mean adding more colours and patterns. 

A stripped-back, minimal approach to staircase design is the perfect way to update your flight in a contemporary and affordable way. 

Embracing the natural grain in your wooden staircase can easily be done by refinishing with gloss or a high-shine wood stain.

Make sure to sand and remove any old colour first to provide a professional finish. 


Modernise your staircase with Wonkee Donkee

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Our range of staircase parts is unmatched and guaranteed to transform your staircase. 

From metal spindles to handrails, we have everything you need to update your staircase without breaking the bank. 

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