Richard Burbidge mouldings

Find a wide range of high quality mouldings at Richard Burbidge and transform your home's décor. Whether you require architectural, ornamental, or decorative mouldings, there are hundreds of designs from which to choose. Mouldings are available in the following materials:


Dark Hardwood (2400mm)

Light Hardwood (2400mm)

Pine (2400mm)

Pine (900mm)

Plastic and Aluminium (2400mm)

Skirting Architrave Dado Mouldings

Richard Burbidge Mouldings

Mouldings from Richard Burbidge are available in pine, light and dark hardwoods, aluminium and plastic - so whether your style is Georgian, Gothic, Art Deco or Contemporary, Richard Burbidge can give your plain walls the stylistic boost they need. From the simply functional to the highly decorative, the choice is yours.


Decorative and ornamental mouldings can be found in any type of household, adding those little touches of design detail that really accentuate the architectural aspects of a room.

And moulding doesn't have to be purely decorative - it can also be used to hide any unsightly joins, gaps and rough edges around the home.

Contemporary Mouldings


Richard Burbidge Mouldings

Mouldings can totally transform the character or look of a room, and provide those professional details that make a project picture-perfect.

Architectural mouldings such as dado rails, cornices and skirting boards are extremely versatile. You can use them to create a traditional, formal finish to your room; let them blend into the background for simple functionality; or use them to give definition to a space using contrasting colours and textures. The results can be astounding!


Mouldings do more than just look beautiful; they can create a feeling of character, space or contrast within a room. They can establish instant ornate grandeur in a dining-room, or add to the cosy feel of a snug.

A properly placed picture rail can make a high ceiling feel lower, while a cleverly crafted cornice can create a pleasing contrast between two textures, spaces or colours.

Richard Burbidge Mouldings

So if you are looking to make some home improvements, update your décor or simply add some functionality to your home, then remember the name Richard Burbidge for top quality mouldings.


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