How to remove a baserail


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How to remove the baserail from the string

If you are replacing the baserail on your staircase, the old baserail can now be removed.

The baserail will be either screwed or nailed to the string. This should be fairly obvious to see once the infill strips and spindles have been removed since the fixings are usually concealed by them.

If it is screwed together, it should be a relatively simple task of unscrewing the screws and lifting up the baserail. The baserail may need a little persuasion if there’s a significant build up of paint on the joint. A sharp knife run down the join of the baserail with the string will help if it’s being a little stubborn. Be careful not to mark the string, although this shouldn’t be an issue if the new baserail sits further on the string than the old one.

If the baserail is nailed, carefully cut out a section between two nails using a fine-toothed hand saw, sawing along the top edge and down each side. With a chisel and hammer, carefully prise off the remaining baserail so as not to damage the string.

Top / Plan Views

Drill a 50mm (2”) diameter hole around the nail

Complete for all nails in baserail

Remove baserail leaving nailed plugs behind

Remove plug and nail with a claw hammer

Sectional Side Views