How to remove dowelled spindles


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Diagrams showing how to remove spindles from a cut string, spindles or balusters fixed with dowels, images of a jab saw, a coping saw and a wrench or pipe grips, diagrams with treads, risers, return nosing, cut-out section, nosing and string. Wonkee Donkey says "make sure that the wrench is well above the tread so that you don't mark it. After cleaning the holes out, place the masking tape over the top to keep them clear of debris."


Dowelled Spindles

The spindles may be fitted to the stair tread by use of a dowel. These will normally be glued into place.

Using a fine toothed handsaw, cut out a small section of spindle about 100mm (4”) above the tread. You may need to use a jab saw, or coping Saw with the blade set at an angle, for access to the first spindle.

Grip the spindle with a pipe wrench or adjustable spanner and with an upward twist, break the bond, freeing the spindle from the tread.

Once all spindles have been removed, clean out the holes ready for re-use with the new spindles if required.